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10x an active day in The Hague

Planning a day in The Hague? Get active! Here we recommend 10 activities in our city that will make your day out even more special.

Thursday 27 June 2024

We already know that The Hague has beautiful museums, cozy terraces, and shops where you can shop till you drop. But there’s so much more to do in and around this city. So what if, during your day in The Hague, you try an original, tasty, or active activity? In this blog, we give ten tips to inspire you to have an active day out in this vibrant city.

BLOWn away

The Hague treasure BLOW is located a bit outside the city: on the quiet Zuiderstrand, just past Kijkduin. It’s definitely worth the extra effort to get there. Once you arrive, you’ll never want to leave because the atmosphere is amazing. Everything at BLOW is all about kitesurfing – the sport, the culture, and the sharing of knowledge. As the number one kitesurfing school in the Netherlands, this is the perfect place for an active kitesurfing lesson.

You can expect an incredibly experienced team of professional (and super fun!) instructors, the most beautiful and safest kitesurfing spot in the Netherlands right by the Sand Motor, and a lovely Beach House with a restaurant, lockers, warm showers, and a surf shop where you can relax after your kite lesson.

You can book through this link!

Surf’s up!

Prefer surfing without a kite? Of course, that’s possible in our city behind the dunes. At Strandpaviljoen Aloha, you can even surf all year round! 365 days a year, you’ll find all of surf-loving The Hague here (and everyone who, like us, simply hopes to become a cool surfer one day but for now just enjoys the chill atmosphere).

In addition to surfing, Aloha focuses on good food and has a huge surf shop. So come and enjoy a day full of surf and Hawaiian beach vibes. It’s not only fun for yourself, but also for the kids, as a company outing, or during a bachelor(ette) party.

Here you’ll find all the information about Aloha’s surf school and their possibilities.

aloha den haag strand surfles scheveningen

Treasure hunting

Prefer to stay ón the beach? Then we’d like to direct you to De Pier of Scheveningen, where the real treasure hunters of The Hague can be found. As one of our good causes, the people of TrashUre Hunt have been making a party out of keeping the Scheveningen beach clean for over ten years!

TrashUre Hunt brings environmental issues to light in an accessible, effective, and playful way. Through various game formats, groups of children, teenagers, and adults hunt for litter. Want to be active and do something good for the world at the same time? Then you absolutely have to be here.

Here you can find the schedule for the regular activities for the coming months and here the offerings for group outings.

‘Lekkâh and gezellig’

Of course, there’s plenty to do in the center of The Hague as well. We dare say there are dozens of hidden treasures to discover. Not only our The Hague treasures but also the spots you’ll discover with a culinary city tour from Bites & Stories. During this city walk, enthusiastic local guides take you on an exploration of a delightful mix of hotspots and the best hidden places where you can enjoy delicious food, craft beer, and wine! As we say in The Hague: “Lekkâh and gezellig!”

Bites & Stories offers monthly Food, Craft Beer, and Wine tours through The Hague and Scheveningen all year round. Check the schedule here. And of course, you can also request a private tour on your desired date and time. Lunch tour? Bites and drinks tour? Or even a dinner tour? Anything is possible. Here you’ll find the options and more information.

All aboard!

What if you explore our royal city from the water? Yes, we do have plenty of canals to cruise through in The Hague. And the best boat to do that in is, of course, is from The Hague Boat. You can book your private boat tour through the center or towards the green Westbroekpark here. You’re welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks on the boat, but the fun part is that this The Hague treasure also provides beer, bubbles and bites boats.

There are also various cool themed cruises on the agenda every month: from breakfast boat to cocktail cruise or a beer tasting from (fellow The Hague treasure) Eiber beer on board. Check the schedule for the latest updates and themes!

the hague boat den haag activiteit uitje

At great heights

Bouldering. A sport that is (still) not very well known. How can we explain this briefly but effectively? Bouldering is a variant of climbing. Climbers puzzle their way up a route marked by different colors, called a boulder. After reaching the top of the wall, which is a maximum of 4.5 meters high, you can safely jump down onto a thick crash mat. This means you don’t need to climb with a rope, making this climbing sport very accessible.

And there’s no better place to spend a day bouldering than at these two fantastic locations: Boulderhal de Campus and Boulderhal Walhalla. You can book an introductory workshop at Boulderhal Walhallaje here and for Boulderhal de Campus, you should be here. Of course, if you have some experience, you can just come and boulder freely. Got the hang of it? Both bouldering halls offer plenty of courses and training sessions all year round.

A good start of the day

Now that we’re in the sporty mood, we also want to point out this delightful activity: at 10 AM, a group of people gathers at Strandhuis Maví for a relaxing Yoga session on the beach. What could be better than starting your day actively with your toes in the sand and the sound of the sea in the background? It doesn’t get more typical The Hague than this.

The beach Yoga season starts in mid-May. Sign up in advance with the Beach Bliss Strandyoga WhatsApp-group and, afterward, settle in at Maví for a coffee and breakfast, because the menu here is delicious. And you’ve definitely earned it by then.

Something for everyone

If the weather isn’t great, you can also head to this beautiful old school for a Yoga session. Here you’ll find The Hague treasure K’dans: a boutique studio offering a variety of movement forms in enjoyable group classes. Opt for a classic Yoga session or challenge yourself with a Reformer Pilates class. Who knows, you might even find yourself dangling in the air with an AntiGravity lesson soon!

Check the schedule or sign up for a trial class right away.

boulderhal de campus Den Haag activiteit

Active tasting!

Put your taste buds to work with this activity. The Hague treasure The Chocolate Shop organizes educational and delicious workshops all about (what else?) chocolate. So go gain some knowledge and taste those delightful chocolates during your day in The Hague.

Want to combine chocolate with coffee or wine? Absolutely possible. Here you can find the schedule of upcoming workshops.


You can use the Haagse Schatten gift card for all these activities. The great thing is, every euro you spend on the gift card is guaranteed to support a local business in The Hague. This way, we can continue to enjoy the local hotspots in our city. There are now over sixty The Hague treasures where you can redeem your gift card. So, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

And if you want to give someone else such an active day in The Hague, buy this great local gift card from our webshop, or visit one of our treasures where you can purchase the gift card physically. You’ll receive a The Hague treasure map with your gift card, allowing the lucky recipient to discover the city and its treasures.

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